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Product Line: Chromatography
Supplier: Avantor Performance Materials

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17-1695-02  Sheets/Plates, TLC, "Baker-Flex", Silica Gel IB-F, 50/pk
17-1695-18  Sheets/Plates, TLC, "Baker-Fle Silica Gel IV2-F, 200/pk
3372-07  Florisil®, Baker Analyzed® Reagent, 60 to 100 Mesh, 500 g Amber Glass Bottle, CAS: 1343-88-0
3372-08  Florisil®, (60-100 Mesh) Activated At 675C, Reagent, 2 kg , Poly Pail , CAS: 1343-88-0
8060-06  Oil and Grease, Bakerbond, Speedisk, SPE, 50 mm, Pre-Assembled, Laminar, 20/pk