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06151  Wiper, Kimtech Prep Scottpure, Rayon/Polyester, 12" x 23", White, Solvent Resistant, No Binders, 50/pk, 400/cs
13-5095-18  Kimwipes, Wipers, White, 8.4" L x 4.4" W, Non-Abrasive, Low-Linting, Light Duty, Anti-Static Polyshield, 280/bx, 16800/cs
13-5095-60  Wiper, Kimwipe, White 11.8" L x 11" W, Non-Abrasive, Low-Linting, Light Duty, Anti-Static, Polyshield, 15bx/cs
13-5095-78  Wiper, Kimwipe, White, 16.6" L x 14.7" W, Non-Abrasive, Low-Linting, Light Duty, Anti-Static Polyshield, 15pk/cs
13-5096-01  Wiper, Kaydry, 15" x 17", 90/bx , 1350/cs
13-5097-11A  Wiper, Wypall, L20, Tan, 31.8" x 36.6", High-Capacity, No Binders, Hydraulic Leak Absorption, Wiping, 68/pk, 816/cs
13-5098-01  Teri-wipers, White, 13.25" x 18", 100/pk, 900/cs
13-5105-01  Dry Wiper, Kimtech Pure W4, 12 x 12 ", White, PP, Straight, Solvent Resistant, Thermally Bonded, Clean, 100/pk, 500/cs
13-5105-01A  Wiper, Wypall L40, 12.5" x 13" White, Soft and Pliable, Excellent Liquid Absorption, for Bench Top Use, 56/pk,18pks/cs
KC41100-50  Wiper, Wypall X70, White, 14.9" x 16.6", Versatile, Quick Absorption, Retains Strength Even in Solvents, 300/cs