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Product Line: Water Purification

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
17-7975-01  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 18.7" L, 1650 Grains, Full Size High Capacity, Two Bed Ion Exchange
17-7975-02  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 915 Grains, Full Size Ultrapure, 18.7" L, Color Indicator, Ultrapure Mixed Bed Ion Exchange
17-7975-04  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 18.7" L, 5000 gal, Activated Carbon, Full Size Organic Removal
17-7975-05  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 3000 Grains, Cation Exchange, 18.7" L, Full Size Cation Removal
17-7975-09  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 13.3" L, 1100 Grains, 2/3 Size High Capacity, Two Bed Ion Exchange
17-7975-10  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 18.7" L, 730 Grains, Full Size Ultrapure W/organic Removal, Mixed Bed Ion Exchange
17-7975-11  Cartridge, Hose Nipple, 30 g, Strong Anion Exchange, 18.7" L, Full Size Pretreatment and Scale Eliminator
17-7984-01  Holder, Hose Nipple Cartridge  Blue, Easy Wall Mount, Secured, Easy To Use, Fits All Hose Nipple Cartridges
17-8003-25  Hollow Final Filter, 0.2Ám Pore Size, for Use with E-Pure 4 Module System
17-8005-01  Deionizer Cartridge, 1760 Grains, Two-Bed Ion Exchange Resin, for Bantam Deionizer, B-Pure