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Product Line: Turbidimeters

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21-1160-01  Turbidity Meter, Orion®, Portable, Basic, Meter Kit, w/EPA-approved, Polymer-based Turbidity Standards, Batteries, Light Shield Cover, Ea
21-1160-02  Turbidimeter and Calibration Kit, Orion® Portable, Advanced Contains: 4 Primary Standards, Standard and Sample Vials, Silicone Oil and Cloth
21-1170-01  ISE Reagent, Orion®, Calcium/Magnesium, 475 ml
21-1170-02  Turbidity Vial, Orion®, AQUAfast®, For Portable Turbidity Meter, EPA Compliant
21-1170-03  Turbidity Standard, Orion®, Odorless, For Turbidity Meter, Turbidity-Free Water
21-1170-04  Vial Cleaning Brush, Orion®, 5/pk
21-1170-05  Silicone Oil and Cloth, Orion® For AQ3070 Portable Chlorine Colorimeter, 10ml Bottle
21-1170-06  Vial, Orion®, For Chlorine Meter, 25 mm, 3/pk
21-1170-07  Turbidity Standard, Orion®, 4000 NTU, 6 to 6.4 pH, 1.002 kg/cm3, Cloudy Liquid, Odorless, 475 ml
21-1170-08  Silicone Oil and Cloth kit, Orion®, 15 ml, For AQ4500 Portable Turbidity Meter