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Product Line: Stoppers
Category: Glass

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
14-3041-31  Stopper, Pennyhead, 13 Size, Glass, 14.0 mm L of Ground Zone, 21 mm H Above Grid, 13.4 mm Dia at Ground Zone, #41900R-13, 6/cs
14-3041-48  Stopper, Pennyhead, 38 Size, Glass, 30.0 mm L of Ground Zone, 39 mm H Above Grid, 38.0 mm Dia at Ground Zone, 6/cs
14-3104-19  Stopper, Standard Taper Joint, 24/40, Hollowglass, Full Length, Barrel-Shaped Head, Light, Stong, #7570N-24, 6/cs
14-3108-19  Stopper, 24/30, 6/cs 
850500-1420  Stopper, Pennyhead, 20 mm L, Glass, 14/20 Standard Joint
850500-1922  Stopper, Pennyhead, 22 mm L, Glass, 19/22 Standard Joint Number
851000-2440  Stopper, Pennyhead, Glass, 24/40 Standard Joint
LG-10300-114  Stopper, Full Length, Hollow, Penny Head, 29/42