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Item Number Description Quantity UM
B0910-3  Benzene, ACS, 20 L, Metal Container, CAS: 71-43-2
B1098-1KG  1,2-Bis(2-Methoxyethoxy) Ethane, 1 kg, CAS: 112-49-2
B1184-500MLGL  Butylamine, HPLC, Technical, 500 ml, Glass Bottle, CAS: 109-73-9
B7250-3  Tert Butyl Alcohol (t-Butanol) ACS, 4 L, Glass Bottle,
C1981-500ML  Carbon Tetrachloride, 500 ml, CAS: 56-23-5 Regulatory Documents Needed Prior To Purchase Item is Drop Ship Only
C9463-1  Cyclohexanol (Cyclohexyl Alcohol), 100 ml, CAS: 108-93-0
D4500-5  Diethylamine, ACS, 500 ml, CAS: 109-89-7
D9050-3  P-Dioxane, HPLC, 1 L, CAS: 123-91-1
DI185-1GM  Dithiothreitol, Reagent, 1 g, CAS: 3483-12-3
E1028-1LTGL  Ethyl Alcohol, Absolute, 200 Proof, ACS, 1 L, Glass Bottle, CAS: 64-17-5