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Item Number Description Quantity UM
8.01395.1000  2-Butoxyethyl Acetate, 1 L, Glass Bottle, CAS: 112-07-2
9334-03  2-Propanol, Ultra Resi- Analyzed™, 4 L, Glass Bottle, 4/cs, CAS: 67-63-0
9335-03  2,2,4-Trimethylpentane (Iso-Octane), Ultra Resi- Analyzed™, 4 L, Glass Bottle, 4/cs, CAS: 540-84-1
AX0116-1  Acetone, OmniSolv®, 4 L, Glass Bottle, 4/cs, CAS: 67-64-1
AX0116-6  Acetone, OmniSolv®, 1 L, Glass Bottle, CAS: 67-64-1
AX0142-1  Acetonitrile, OmniSolv®, Gradient, 4 L, Glass Bottle, CAS: 75-05-8
AX0142-6  Acetonitrile, OmniSolv®, Gradient, 1 L, Glass Bottle, CAS: 75-05-8
BJ232-235  Methanol, Purge and Trap, 235 ml, Glass Bottle, CAS: 67-56-1
BX1673-3  2-Butanone, OmniSolv®, 1 L, Glass Bottle, 6/cs, CAS: 78-93-3
BX1673P-1  2-Butanone, OmniSolv®, 4 L, Glass Bottle, 4/cs, CAS: 78-93-3