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Product Line: Melting Point Apparatus

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
13-3690-01  Tube, Capillary, Melting Point, 1.5 To 1.8 OD x 100 mm L, Open Both Ends, 0.2 mm Thick, #34500-99, 100/pk, 2000/cs
13-3695-01  Tube, Capillary, Melting Point 0.8 to 1.1 OD x 100 mm L, USP, Open Both Ends, 0.25 mm Thick, 100/pk, 2000/cs
13-3715-01  Capillary Tube, Melting Point, 1.5 to 1.8 OD x 90 mm L, 0.2 mm Thick, 100/pk, 20/cs
13-3720-01  Capillary Tube, Melting Point, 0.8 to 1.1 OD x 90 mm L, USP, Open One End, 0.25 mm Thick, #34507-99, 100/pk, 20/cs
16-1486-01  Softening Point Apparatus, 800 ml Beaker, Brass, Double Set-Up Fixture, Thermometer Port, Ring and Ball Method
16-1488-01  Shouldered Ring, Brass, 19 OD x 15.9 mm ID Bottom, 23 OD x 19.8 mm ID Top, So'ening Point Test Components, 10/pk
16-1489-01  Hardened Steel Ball, 99.5 mm Dia, Softening Point Component, 3.45 g - 3.55 g Weight, 10/pk
16-1490-01  Ball Centering Guide, Use with Shouldered Ring, Softening Point Component