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Supplier: Labconco Corporation

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
100400000  Hood, Chemical, Premier, 4', 115 V
16-6290-01  Instrument Desk, Support Bar, 4" Dia Casters, Ready-to-Roll, Phenolic Board, Melamine High-Pressure Laminate Surface
18-1912-06  Flask, Fast-Freeze, 600 ml, 90.2 OD x 135 mm H, Glass, Fits 3/4" Dia Flask Top Adapter
18-1912-25  Adapter, Stainless Steel, 45, for Fast-Freeze Flask, for Connecting a 3/4" Dia Flask Top to 3/4" Valve
20-6110-01  Rapid Still II Unit, 115 V, 12.75" L x 18" W x 29.75" H, Epoxy Coated Steel Frame, Corrosion Resistant PTFE Inlet Tube
20-6112-01  Distillation Unit, Kjeldahl, 10.38 W x 18.25 D x 30.13" H, Holds 500 and 800 ml Flasks, Leak-Resistant Condensing Tubes
20-6124-05  Digestion Tube, 250 ml, Straight, Standard, for 20-6121-01 and 20-6122, 25/pk
2081300  Bulb, Connecting, Kjeldahl, Glass, Double Baffle Design, Connects Flask and Distillation Rack, Traps Caustic Mist, 6/pk
2128801  Tube, Delivery, for Kjeldahl
22-4403-05  Steamscrubber Laboratory Glassware Washer, Undercounter Style, with Upper & Lower Stainless Steel Standard Racks, 24.1" W x 27.4" D x 34.1-36.1" H Overall Dimensio