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Product Line: Chromatography
Category: GC Supplies

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
072607  Ferrule, Graphite, 1 mm ID, for 4.216 mm Fitting, Reusable, Stable Up to 4500C, Non Sticky, for Glass, Stainless Steel Column, 10/pk
072621  Ferrule, Graphite, 6.35 mm ID, for 6.35 mm Fitting, Reusable, Stable Upto 4500c, Non Sticky, for Glass, Ss Column, 10/pk
072655  Ferrule, Graphite-vespel, 0.8 mm ID, for 0.53 mm ID Column, Reusable, Stable Up to 3000C, Non Sticky, for Injectors, 10/pk
073109  Ferrule, Graphite-Vespel, 0.4 mm ID, Reusable, Non Sticky, for 0.1-0.25 mm ID Column, Short, Stable Up to 3000C, 10/pk
073111  Ferrule, Graphite-Vespel, 0.5 mm ID, Non Reusable, for 0.32 mm ID Column, Stable Up to 3500C, Non Sticky, 10/pk
073113  Ferrule, Graphite-Vespel, 0.8 mm ID, Non Reusable, for 0.45-0.53 mm ID Column, Short, Stable Up to 3500C, 10/pk
073226  Nut, Metal, Siltite, for Splitless Injector, 5/pk
092004  Liner, Straight-Through, 78.5 mm L, 6.1 mm OD, 2 mm ID, Splitless (Quartz), 5/pk
092229  Liner, Single Taper, 4 mm ID, Split/Splitless, 25/pk
092230  Liner with Double Taper, 4 mm ID, Split/Splitless, 25/pk