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Product Line: Centrifuges

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
11-2100-14  Rotor, Swing Out, 2647XG, 4000 rpm, 4 x 135 ml, Include Four Bucket, Use with CL10 Centrifuge
21-2882-01  Adapter Set, for Stacking Two Platforms
236  Rotor, 236 Aerocarrier, 1950XG, 3900 rpm, Four Place, Include 4 Fixed Trunnion Rings
47430  Rotor, 6 Place, Fixed Angle, 3100 rpm, 1228XG, 12 x 10 ml, 45° Angle, Use with Medilite Centrifuge
52151  Rotor, Swinging Bucket, 3900 rpm, 2200XG, 4 x 50 ml, Trunnion Type, for Centra® Cl2 IEC General Purpose Centrifuge
52842  Rotor, Swinging Bucket, 3200 rcf, 3800 rpm, 4 x 250 ml Tube Capacity, for Centra® GP8 Series Centrifuge
58012  Rotor, Fixed Angle, 6 x 50 ml, Use with Centra® MP4/MP4R, CL3/CL3R, HN/HN-SII, CL2 Centrifuges
58092  Rotor, Fixed Angle, 12 x 15 ml, Use with Centra® MP4/MP4R, CL3/CL3R, HN/HN-SII, CL2 Centrifuges
71-8000-02  Centrifuge, Benchtop, Heraeus Megafuge 8, 230 V Compact, Simple and Economical Benchtop
71-8015-21  Centrifuge, Benchtop, Heraeus Megafuge 8, General Purpose, Clinical or Research Applications, with Push Botton Auto-Lock Rotor Exchange, Capable of Processing 8 x 50 ml Conical Tu