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Product Line: Centrifuge Tubes
Category: Plastic Disposable

Product Line:

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
6269  Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, PP, Graduated, Sterile, with HDPE Cap, 500/cs
6271  Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, Conical, Graduated, Markspot, 500/cs
72-4090-53  Tube, PP, 48 ml, 25/pk
72-4761-11  Centrifuge Tube, Conical, 50 ml, Sterile, Polypropylene, Racked, RCF 17000 x g, 300/cs
72-4767-01A  Tubes, Centrifuge, Non-Sterile, 50 ml, Bagged, with Attached Red Screw Cap, PP, Printed Graduations, 25/bag, 500/cs
72-4768-01  Tube, Centrifuge, PP, 50 ml, Conical, Sterile, Blue HDPE Cap, Racked, 25/pk, 500/cs
72-4774-11  Tube, Centrifuge, 15 ml, PP, with Printed Graduations, Nonsterile, Autoclavable, Spin Rate 8500RCF, with Separate Blue Cap, Bulk, 500/cs
72-4778-03  Tube, Centrifuge, 15 ml, PS, Sterile with Screw Caps, 50/rack, 500/cs
72-4780-11  Tube, Centrifuge, Conical, PP, 15 ml, Sterile, with Screw Cap, 25/pk, 500/cs
72-4780-13  Tube, Centrifuge, Conical, PP 15 ml, Sterile, with Flat Top Plug Seal Caps, 50/rack, 500/cs