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Product Line: Burners

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
10-3747-01  Torch Support, 102 mm, Detachable, without Torch, Plated Brass with Heavy Cast Iron Tripod Base Construction
10-8722-01  Electric Bunsen Burner, 115 V, 800C - 1000C Temperature Range, Corossion Resistant, Fully Vented
10-8915-01  Standard Burner, Natural Gas, 11 mm Tube OD,156 mm H,4100 Btu, Flame Stabilizer, Nickel Plated, Die-Cast Zinc Base, Rust Proof
10-8919-01  Bunsen Burner, LPG, 13 mm Tube OD,156 mm H,4270 Btu, Adjustable, Flame Stabilizer, Nickel Plated, Die-cast Zinc Base
10-8925-01  Pilot Flame, Burner, Natural, 10 mm Tube OD, 162 mm H, 3180 BTU, Adjustable, Sleeve Type Air Regulator, Intermitent Use
10-9000-11  Burner, High Temperature, 38 mm Tube OD,216 mm H,9360 Btu, Artificial Gas, Nickel Plated Venturi Tube, Meker Top
10-9010-11  Burner, High Temperature, 38 mm Tube OD, 216 mm H, 12810 Btu, Natural Gas, Nickel Plated, Zinc Alloy, Venturi Tube
10-9015-11  Burner, High Temperature, 38 mm Tube OD, 216 mm H, 10980 Btu, Liquid Propane, Nickel Plated, Zinc, Venturi Tube
10-9130-01  Burner, Tirrill, General Purpose, 11 mm Tube OD, 152 mm H, 5638 Btu, Natural, Rust Proof, Nickel Plated, Zinc Alloy
10-9180-01  Micro-Burner, Natural Gas, 11 mm Tube OD, 89 mm H, 1365 , Nickel Plated, Die-Cast Zinc Bases, Adjustable Valve