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Product Line: Bottles
Supplier: Tricorbraun

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Item Number Description Quantity UM
10-4041-46A  Bottle, HDPE, Wide Mouth, Round, 950 cc, 53-400 mm Opening, 72/cs
10-4051-28A  Bottles, Economy, Wide Mouth, 250 ml, HDPE, with Polypropylene Screw Caps, 45-400, 230/cs
10-4052-61A  Bottle, HDPE, Wide Mouth, 3000 cc, 100-400 mm, without Cap, 48/cs
10-4052-71A  Bottle, HDPE, Wide Mouth, 1 gal, 89-400 mm, without Cap, 60/cs
10-4263-46  Bottle, Glass, Amber, Boston Round, Narrow Mouth, 32 oz, 1000 ml, 33-400 mm, 12/pk
10-4277-14A  Bottle, Glass, Amber, Narrow Mouth, 4 L, with Cap, 6/cs
10-4287-01  Bottle, Wide Mouth, 125 ml, 48-400 mm Neck Size, 24/cs