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Supplier: Ace Glass Inc.

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5922-10  Pipet, Micro Capillary, TLC Spotting, 5" Length, 100/pk
6510-05  Clamp, 1 L Reaction Flask  Supplied with CAPFE O-Ring
6510-10  Clamp, 2 L Reaction Flask Supplied with CAPFE O-Ring
6511-53  Resin Reaction Kettle/Flask, without Ring Groove, 1 L, Supplied with CAPFE O-Ring
6511-56  Reaction Kettle/Flask, Resin, O-Ring Groove, 2 L, Supplied with Capfe O-Ring
6518-14  Flask, Reaction, Cylindrical with 6" ID Grooved Flange, 0-20 mm ZDS Valve, 2 L